Promote your EDM song!

Are you looking for promotion for your EDM song and you don’t know how?

Send your song to Doctor Keos.

If he likes it, he will insert it in one of his SoundLab series podcasts, in his live streams and in his live sets.

Fill out the form below by entering all the required data.

    Do you authorize Doctor Keos to use the song sent for diffusion through streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitch?

    Can you prove, if requested, that you are the owner of the rights of the work sent or can you provide a license agreement for the use of the work if required?

    Send EDM songs only. Do not send songs in the genre of rock, pop, reggae, dancehall, R&B, hip-hop or any other genre.
    They will not be taken into consideration.
    Instead, send everything that belongs to electronic dance music. So techno, trance, house, dance, and any other subgenre.
    Listening to Doctor Keos’ DJ sets you will realize that it has a very varied style in terms of specific musical genres.
    In fact, Doctor Keos is loved by his audience precisely because he always ranges from genre to genre in his DJ sets.
    Remember that it is also important that you give Doctor Keos permission to play your music through a license to use the work and, therefore, that you have the right to provide this license to use.
    Any abuse can be legally punished.
    And will your track amaze him to the point of promoting it in his DJ sets?

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